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Tuuli V-neck Dress & Bodysuit (last copy in print)


 Note: this is the last copy of the Tuuli pattern. It is no longer available as a printed pattern.

The Tuuli pattern includes two variations - a jersey dress and a bodysuit. Both variations have long sleeves and a deep V-neck.

The dress is knee-length and has a pleated skirt. The bodysuit has a practical snap button closure at the crotch


Choose a light to medium weight jersey, with approximately 50% stretch. For the bodysuit, make sure to pick something firm with a good recovery and preferably with some elastane (lycra / spandex). If you want, you can use a heavier jersey for the dress bodice and sleeves, and a lighter jersey for the skirt - this way the skirt won't be too heavy. 

The dress sample is made of a drapey rayon jersey. The bodysuit was sewn up in a polyester-blend jersey.

Size range

Sizes: EUR 32 – 50 (US 0 – 18 / UK 4 – 22)

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